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Whether you’re hosting an event indoors or out, choose from our range of stackable banqueting chairs, elegant party chairs, or a standard range to suit both your event and your budget.

In years past this meant only basic chairs and tables. Today however some functions call for more variety and often for furniture for breakaway areas. Up market chairs and lounge and cocktail/reception furniture are popular when budgets permit Ron's Hire and our associates offer a wide selection of seating options. 

When you think seating, think about style, comfort and price. If the purpose is to seat delegates for an hour comfort is not an issue. If the chairs for a ceremony are to make a statement then they may be relocated for a second use at the same event. 

For informal functions where guests are encouraged to move and mingle you should not have more seats than for half the number of guests. More than that and people tend to guard their positions.

Allow anything between R7 and R70 per seat for this item but discuss your preferences with the Ron's team who can propose that will be suitable and cost efficient.

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