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Event Planner

Where to hold your function? Often the first and most important decision to make.

Location, size, atmosphere, price and services all play a part in your decision if you choose a commercial venue. There are any number of these available including hotels, clubs, community halls and conference centres. You need to agree in advance exactly what you will be getting and be comfortable that the management will deliver within budget. Commercial venues may accommodate special requests but prefer to stay with one or other of their standard packages. 

Choosing a private venue means more involvement from you but in return you have control over timing, budget and décor. There can be significant savings in beverage and other costs at a private venue. 

There is something special about a function at a private residence. For example a garden wedding at home is more personal and emphasises family values and traditions. 

For business functions don’t discount using your own premises. Canteens, foyers, basements and car parks are convenient and cost effective. Behaviour is usually more moderate at the work address and the event time lines adhered too. 

Our consultants will appraise private venues and advise if what is planned can be accommodated.